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Welcome to Witbank

Known as the gateway to Mpumalanga, Witbank is located about 100km east of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Witbank, the "coal capital" of Africa, was originally established in 1903 as a trading post, and was named after an outcrop of light sandstone. Besides coal mining activities, Witbank is today a busy agricultural and farming centre with dairy, sheep, potatoes and maize being important products.

The town has historic ties with the young Winston Churchill who, in 1899 during the South African (Anglo-Boer) War, escaped from prison in Pretoria and was hidden in a mine shaft here before making his way to Lorenzo Marques.

Visitors to Witbank can enjoy the resort facilities and the interesting bird life at the Doringpoort and New Doringpoort Dams.

For the traveller interested in the great outdoors there is the two-day Mamotale Hiking Trail with its beautiful highveld scenery, while for those who prefer the bright neon lights of casinos, The Ridge Casino and Entertainment World will provide the glitzy entertainment

The Witbank Skydiving Club has an emphasis on fun skydives and creates a great social scene. Sounds like fun for those who feel like throwing themselves out an aeroplane!

Did You Know that Witbank accounts for more than half of South Africa's 150-million tons of coal produced each year.

Where to stay in Witbank is only a click of the mouse away.


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