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What is there to do in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga has it all, from exhilarating wildlife, to ancient ruined cities, wild water sports, secluded mountain retreats and the list goes on and on.

The province's year-round sunny weather and waterways have also made it home to a bewildering array of adventure sport, from expeditions down the world's oldest caves, to taking a paragliding flight.

Where to do 4x4

Riverwild: 4x4xFORE=Family Offroad Recreation Experience. The 4x4 trail is one of the leading off road experiences in South Africa. The route has a variety of challenging natural obstacles including River Rat Run, Croc Crossing & the ultimate Long & Winding Road bush tunnel, all experienced under expert guidance of marshals. Safety, vehicle care & enjoyment are the cornerstones around which the 4x4 trail was developed. Cross country drives & trips in the scenic surrounding forest are available for off road vehicles without low range. The widest range of exciting adventure & recreation activities are also offered. Nature lovers can observe many species of veld flowers, butterflies & bird life on the farm. EMAIL ENQUIRIES

EBUTSINI CULTURAL VILLAGE: An unique traditional cultural Swazi Village close to the Oshoek Border post to Swaziland. The village offers comfortable furnished Swazi huts with en-suite bathrooms, located in an authentic manner in a kraal set - up. Traditional meal are serve in the kaGogo hut, floors smear daily with cow dung, with guests sitting around a cosy fire watching the traditional dancers and performers and listen to translated Swazi stories. Guest can visit the resident Sangoma and our well stocked traditional medicine nursery. EMAIL ENQUIRIES

Where to do abseiling

Riverwild: 4x4xFORE=Family Offroad Recreation Experience. Offers abseoling to the beginners and the the fun seilers.


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