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Welcome to Sabie

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The charming village Sabie, located in a beautiful setting of forests, waterfalls and streams with the Mauchsberg and Mount Anderson as its backdrop, is situated 45km east of Lydenburg.

Sabie originated in the 1880's as a gold rush town, after chips from a rock that had been shot with a rifle revealed the precious yellow metal. Once a bustling mining town, little is left to remind the visitor of its golden beginnings, while the wealth of today comes mainly from some of the largest man-made forests in the world. The town was named after the river, which is a Shangaan word meaning 'fearful', and probably referred to crocodiles and sudden floods that once made this river so dangerous.

Sabie is a wonderful town to visit and has some interesting cultural sites to keep sightseers busy. The local Anglican church is an exquisite building designed by Sir Herbert Baker, while the Forestry Museum, the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere, is quite fascinating. Visitors should look out for the hitching rail outside First National Bank and the tile panels of the early Kruger Park on the Post Office building that allude to the history of Sabie.

The green, forested countryside of Sabie is home to a tree-breeding station, while several waterfalls in the area are quite spectacular. These include the Berlin, Bridal Veil, Horsehoe, Lone Creek and Mac-Mac Falls. The region is also famous for its fern trees, nerinas, Transvaal proteas and red-hot pokers.

Visitors to this lovely little town can enjoy excellent dining at very good restaurants, and because of its close proximity to the Kruger Park, it is a wonderful stopover on route. Outdoor entertainment includes mountain biking, horse trails, and picnics at the top of a waterfall or swimming in clear pools at the bottom. Magnificent scenic drives abound and the Long Tom Pass and Blyde River Canyon will not disappoint, as the scenery is simply stunning.

There are both long and short walks and hiking trails in the area, and the fast flowing waters, well stocked with trout and other fish, will not disappoint the avid fisherman.

Did You Know the famous Long Tom 155mm guns, used by the Boers, were produced in Le Creusot, France by the Schneider Company

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