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Welcome to Marloth Park

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The unfenced, 1,500ha holiday estate of Marloth Park lies on the border of the Kruger National Park about 450km from Johannesburg.

The resort takes its name from the Marlothii aloe, which abounds in the region.

At Marloth Park, visitors can stock up on most of their essentials at either the Trading Post or Bush Centre.

Visitors looking for a real bush experience will love the fact that wild animals are allowed to roam freely around the houses. Residents therefore often spot impala, kudu, waterbuck, nyala, wildebeest, buffalo, the odd giraffe, zebra, baboons and monkeys around the cottages. Bigger game like elephant, rhino and hippo can often be seen down at the river. Marloth Park is a wonderful area for bird lovers, where a huge variety of colourful and melodic species can be spotted in the trees in the bounds of the park.

Nature provides most of the entertainment for the traveller, but for those wishing to wind down after a long game drive, there is a pub and restaurant on offer. For a spectacular sunset, Die Krans looks over the Crocodile River into Kruger National Park. Great for sundowners!

Where to stay in Marloth Park is only a click of the mouse away.


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