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Welcome to Marble Hall

In 1920, Mr. Stoffel Visagie and his wife Maria, discovered the marble  deposits at what is today Marble Hall, while on a hunting trip from Pretoria

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to the Bushveld. Mr. Visagie took some English speaking people to the site because they wanted to see the “Marble Hole”.

Mr. Visagie’s English was not very good and he spoke of “Marble Hol” instead of “ Marble Hole”. This became “ Marble Hall” - although there had originally been no mention of a “hall”. Marble is not being quarried here anymore.

Besides its industrial potential, Marble Hall is known for its extensive irrigation farming where crops such as cotton, wheat and citrus, play an important role in the country’s economy. And extensive vegetable cultivation provides for the great demand countrywide.

Marble Hall is a cross border Municipality and is situated in both the Mpumalanga and the Limpopo provinces. It is about 160km from Pretoria and less than 260km from Johannesburg.

The Greater Marble Hall Municipal Area comprises a land area of approximately 1793km with 807km of land area demarcated in the Northern Province and 986km of land area in the Mpumalanga Province. The amalgamation of parts of 8 former Transitional Local Council resulted in the establishment of the Greater Marble Hall Municipal area.

The N11 National Road, transverses the municipal area and links up with the Botswana Border Post and the N1 National Road at Pietersburg in the north. The N11 also link up in the south with the N4 that leads to Gauteng (west) and Komatiepoort at the Mozambique Border Post.

The average annual rainfall is about 634 mm.

Marble Hall boasts a pleasant climate with an average maximum winter temperature of 23C and an average maximum summer temperature of 29,5C

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