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Welcome to Komatipoort

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Komatipoort lies on the border with Mozambique on the western slopes of the Lebombo Mountains.

The town started out as a railway construction worker's camp in the early 1890's. Soon it became notorious as a place of hangovers and malaria, while during the South African (Anglo-Boer) War a gang of mercenaries made it their base from which they fought Boer guerrillas. Today Komatipoort is a railway and customs centre as well as producing agricultural products like vegetables and subtropical fruits.

From its austere beginnings Komatipoort has a reputation of having harboured some shady characters and very often on their raids, police would find corpses or dying men in the hotels, salons and stables of the town!

Komatipoort is one of the consistently hottest places in South Africa with an average summer temperature of around 33c and a temperate 26.5c in winter.

The Crocodile Bridge Gate to the Kruger National Park is about 13km to the north of the town.

There is an excellent 9-hole golf course in Komatipoort and swingers can win prizes at the competition held here every Saturday.

Did You Know that you can visit three countries in just one day when you 're in this part of the world: Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa.

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